Frequently Asked Questions
Q; Do I need a preamp with your systems?
A; Aside from our PPS-200p which is designed to be a replacement for under saddle piezo's in guitars with existing on-board
preamps, no you do not. However, the addition of the right preamp can really bring out the full potential of our systems. If you
don't already own one you might try it without. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

Q; What preamp do you recommend?
A; Many will work well. A few that we have received great feedback about are the Acoustimax by BBE, The Red-Eye by
Fire-Eye, the Para DI by LR Baggs and any preamp made by K&K Sound.

Q; Is my preamp compatible with your systems?
A; The most important thing to look for is an input impedance of 4Mohm or less, with 1Mohm being ideal. Many on the market
are rated as high as 10Mohm. Although these should still work, they may boost the bass response to an undesirable level.
This can generally be rolled off using the EQ functions on your preamp, but we cannot guarantee that. We do not have a list
of specs for every preamp on the market. If you would like to know if yours is compatible, we recommend using the model
number to check the specs that are generally listed on the website of the manufacturer. When we are asked if "XX" preamp is
compatible, we just do a web search for the specs of the model number and check for an input impedance that is within the
range mentioned above.

Q; What is the difference between the 15mm and 20mm piezo's?
A; The 15mm is the best option for guitars that have more resonant tops, generally this applies to higher quality instruments
with solid tops. They are also the best choice in guitars with good mid range and bass response. They are less sensitive than
the 20mm size but this is usually negated by the increased resonance of a solid top. The 20mm size can also be a bit boomy
in guitars that are more resonant, and in guitars with greater bass response. 20mm is usually what we recommend for
instruments with laminate tops.

Q; Should I select the 15mm or 20mm option with my Artist Series system?
A; Please familiarize yourself with the specs of your instrument. Generally when asked this question we take a quick look at
the materials used in the construction of your instrument. If it is a mid-grade instrument or better, we generally recommend
15mm piezo's. The 20mm size is the best option for 12 string guitars.

Q; Can you recommend one of your systems for my resonator guitar?
A; Although we don't have a dedicated resonator system at the moment, we have had great luck with people mounting two
20mm transducers directly on the cone of all types of resonator guitars. This would include a lot of our systems. The
PPS-200, Prestige-220, VPS-200, VTP-200, EXT-100 with additional transducer for externally mounted applications, etc.
Generally gluing the brass transducers right to the cone can result in harshness. We recommend a dense double stick
material like cork.

Q; Can I install this myself and do you do installations if I were to send my guitar to you?
A; If you are not confident, then maybe you shouldn't. However, it is rather simple for anyone with basic tools and a little
"know how". Although we have installed many of these in our own guitars, we are not insured to install these in our customers
instruments. If you reach out to your local guitar stores they should be able to recommend a luthier if this isn't a service that
they can provide themselves.

Q; What is the best placement locations for the piezo's?
A; We HIGHLY recommend this tutorial put together by Rob DiStefano over at Fret-Tech
(link here). Although this is for a
K&K Pure Western Mini, ours installs the same way. The jig method ensures an accurate placement and is the best we have

Q; How much is shipping (and most any shipping related question)?
A; All of your shipping questions should be addressed on our Ordering/Shipping page. If not please feel free to contact us.
Click here for a direct link.

Q; What is included with your systems?
A; What you see in the pictures is what you will get. There is no fancy retail packaging, etc. We do not include adhesive
except for the reusable mounting putty that comes with our externally mounted units, and the 3M double sided adhesive on
our PB-200 banjo pickup system. Installation instructions are sent in the form of an attachment to the confirmation email. This
is all done in an effort to not only keep our costs (and our prices) down but also to "go green" and not contribute any
unnecessary waste to the landfill.

Q; What type of adhesive do you recommend for your internally mounted piezo's?
A; We recommend the gel type super glue. It doesn't run nearly as much and seems to set up faster. We have always had
good luck with Loctite brand, but any should work just fine.

Q; I purchased an externally mounted system. Where can I get more of the reusable putty and do you sell it?
A; Although we could sell you more, the cost of shipping it to you would be greater than the cost of the putty itself. It is simply
poster putty (loctite fun-tak to be more specific). We have also had good luck with about every brand out there, including
Elmers. About 2.00 will get you more than you would ever need at any store that sells office supplies.

Q; Is the jack that comes with your standard series systems (like the PPS-200) long enough to go through the end-block of
my guitar?
A; No it is not. It must be mounted through the side like you see in the pictures on the page for any item that uses this type of

Q; Do these work in solid-body instruments?
A; Due to the nature of what these are, the easy answer is not really. They are designed to pick up the resonance in the
material that they are mounted to, which is generally less abundant in a solid bodied instrument. We encourage
experimentation though and always appreciate hearing about how these work in unique applications.

Q; How are you able to offer very similar systems that others are selling for significantly more at such low prices?
A; A while back we were "accused" of doing nothing more than directly marketing similar products as our competitors and
cutting out the middle man to sell them cheaper. Not only is that true, but we embrace this. That's who we are. We are a
family based business and do not believe that you should be charged more so we can have fancy websites, elaborate
marketing, a summer home in the Hamptons, you get the idea.

If you did not find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to email us at and we will
do our best to respond promptly.