And PB-200 Pro


Both systems work with resonator banjos, 5 string, 6 string,
banjo uke's and any other type of banjo you can imagine!

Please use the drop-down menu on the right to select either the
standard or the pro version.

PB-200 Pro;
The new Pro version of our PB-200 banjo pickup system adds
the versatility of an on-board volume control. It also adds more
aesthetic value to your beloved banjo.

Each enclosure is individually CNC machined from a solid piece
of Delrin, which is a very lightweight material that is durable
enough to last for many years. The face plate is machined from a
solid piece of polished aluminum. Unlike other similar devices
on the market that are thrown together using an "off the shelf"
abs project box, this one will really stand out. We didn't cut
corners! You can fully expect it to be noticed by your fellow

PB-200 Standard;
The L-shaped part of the jack assembly is made from a very
durable and dense plastic. It has been stress tested up to 60lbs.
It is made to stand the test of time. The threaded back strip is
made from steel. This assembly is a JJB-ELECTRONICS
exclusive. You won't find a better one anywhere else!

About both systems;
The output jack assemblies allow you to attach a standard 1/4"
output to your banjo without drilling any holes in the instrument
or modifying it in any manner. The design of these jack
assemblies allow them to attach to the tensioning hooks in the
same manner that an arm rest is attached. These units are
designed to fit almost any banjo known to man. They will fit
banjos with hook spacings from 1 1/8" up to 1 15/16".The
transducers mount to the bottom of the head under the bridge
using the provided double-stick material.

Our new line of pickups are constructed with the finest
components available. In fact, they are the same (Better, in many
cases) components that are used by other companies that sell
their systems for far more money. We welcome you to shop
around to see what similar systems are selling for.

These are built using very high quality 20mm piezo's. These can
be used with or without a preamp with fantastic results.

Both systems utilize a double surface transducer design. This
results in a very wide frequency range and very natural
reproduction of sound. The two-piezo configuration offers a few
advantages over single piezo systems. Having two piezo’s
affords you the opportunity to place them at two different points
on the soundboard thus resulting in an improved dynamic range
due to the fact that they transmit the resonance found at more
than one point. These special surface transducers are under
less pressure than under saddle pickups thus decreasing the
likelihood of them transmitting a percussive or harsh sound.
These do not "fade" or distort at high volume or with high-
power systems. The highs are crystal clear while the lows are
what they should be, low!  

These, like all of our systems, can be installed in about 15
minutes. They are a very simple and inexpensive means of
turning your acoustic instruments in to acoustic electric.
Any Banjo
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PB-200 Pro
PB-200 Standard
Click below to listen to an audio
sample. This was submitted by one
of our awesome customers. He is
using a Recording King RK-R35
banjo, the PB-200 Standard,
Lexicon Alpha Interface, and
Garage Band. No effects, preamp
or any sweetening