Well where to start with "Mr Red Dog"
himself! John has not only been a great
friend but is an insanely talented artist,
craftsman, musician as well as a historian.
Each of his one of a kind instruments are
hand crafted with no compromise to every
meticulous detail. I'm not just saying this by
looking at the pictures, I have a few in my
collection! Not only is John true artist and an
innovator in what he does but you will find him
to be a pleasure to deal with. He's one of the
"good guys" in the business! Take a look and
read up on the history!
Red Dog Guitars is a small one
person craft shop specializing in
keeping a truly American
tradition alive of making Dobro,
Slide, Folk, Tenor, Acoustic and
Electric guitars out of
different types of Vintage and
Antique cigar boxes. This dying
form of construction spans
back well over 150 years in our
country's history.  My Name is John
McNair, I enjoy
working by myself with the
occasional help from my wife.  
Every single guitar I build is
built by hand and pocket knife
one-by-one using only the highest
quality and rarest of
recycled materials in a pursuit of
the richest, most authentic Blues
and Country sound
and tone possible. I build both Left
and Right hand guitars and
whether you are a Blues,
Country, Bluegrass, or even a
Rock guitarist, I'm sure to have the
perfect guitar for you.
I guess I'm one of the
last people in America
who still makes the
original "Homemade"
Bo Diddley guitars out
of left over junk and
recycled wood....It
seems the music world
has moved on to a
different sound a feel
and I am but
a builder of
Dinosours...It's sad that
machines have taken
over the craftsman's
hand and eye.....but, if
your tired
of seeing the same old
store bought guitars
you'll love the real
American Bo Diddley
guitars I have made in
past.........check them
No matter how much I ramble on
about these guitars, it would still
not do them any justice! Please
check them out on their website
by clicking here!!
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Don't forget to check
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Don't forget to check
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Don't forget to check
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