New from JJB-Electronics comes the first of our new Artist
series, THE PRESTIGE 330. Our new line of pickups are
constructed with the finest components available today. In fact,
they are the same components that are used by other
companies that sell their systems for more than twice as much.
This system is the same exact configuration that  is sold for
$130.00 by a very well known company. The first release from
our new Artist Series, The Prestige - 330.

These are built using very high quality 20mm piezo's. We can
now offer to substitute these for 15mm piezo's upon request.
Please select the desired size from the drop-down menu above.
The 15mm configuration is designed for guitars which do not
provide enough space on the bridgeplate to allow for the bigger
sized piezo's. These are ideal for guitars with more mid-range
and bass response. They are designed for more resonant
guitars or ones with thinner soundboards.
.Both systems have a
very similar tone but the smaller system provides a little less
output than the bigger sized system. In many cases this slight
difference is negated by the higher resonance of a smaller
bridgeplate. The 20mm size is the best option for 12 string
guitars as well as high-string setups. Either size can be used
with or without a preamp with fantastic results.

It utilizes a triple surface transducer design. This results in a
very wide frequency range and very natural reproduction of
sound. The three-piezo configuration offers a few advantages
over single and double piezo systems. Having three piezo’s
affords you the opportunity to place them at three different
points on the soundboard thus resulting in an improved
dynamic range due to the fact that they transmit the resonance
found at more than one point. These special surface
transducers are under less pressure than under saddle pickups
thus decreasing the likelihood of them transmitting a
percussive or harsh sound. Each piezo is designed to pick up a
string pair as well as the resonance found in a significant
amount of the soundboard. These do not fade or distort at high
volume or with high-power systems. The highs are crystal clear
while the lows are what they should be, low! This pickup
configuration is offered in several high end guitars.

All of our products feature quality components and
construction. These utilize a premium quality Switchcraft style
1/4” nickel plated end-pin jack. This system will give you a very
clean install for those who do not want to compromise the
integrity of their beloved instrument. The end-pin jack also
doubles as a strap button. These, like all of our systems, can be
installed in about 15 minutes! They are a very simple and
inexpensive means of turning your acoustic instruments in to
acoustic electric.
Several of you may be wondering,
"so how does it sound". Please click
here to check out our new
customer-submitted sound clip page
for a demo.
Available options
Available Piezo Sizes
Available Jack Options
Steel string guitars with more
resonant tops. This generally
includes all solid top guitars
Guitars with laminate tops,
since they are generally less
resonant than solid tops
Travel / Parlor guitars. (Taylor
GS mini, little Martin, etc.)
12 string guitars
  5 string acoustic bass guitars
Click here to view the installation
instruction document

The jack can be substituted with the style that you
see here. You can add this option from the
drop-down menu above. This is recommended if
you are installing in a Taylor GS mini, or any other
guitar that already has a screw mounted strap
button. This will utilize the same holes that the
original strap button is mounted with. Please keep
in mind that you will have to make the solder
connections with this jack. The piezo leads will be
prepped for you, and you will be provided with
installation instructions.  A 1" piece of heat-shrink
tube and enough solder to complete the job will
also be included.

Click below to view the installation instructions for
this jack. We recommend that you review them
before ordering to ensure that you are
comfortable with the required steps.
Visit our partners and tune your
guitar by ear at
Our good friends at Guitarbear
were kind enough to put together
this great tutorial on the
installation of a Prestige-330.
Follow this and you will have a
flawless installation. Click on the
Now you can
upgrade your
Artist series
pickup system with
a discreet
mounted volume
control by using
the drop-down
menu above!