Many of you have likely wondered, so how do these things really sound? That was the purpose for
us putting together this page. We have been granted permission from our customers to share
these clips with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute.

We have released a lot of new systems since we started this page. We would really like to get
some good samples of them (The Marcato, DB-400 double bass system, etc). If you have one that
you would like to share of a system that you don't see below, PLEASE DON'T BE SHY!

Check out "Mr. Red Dog" himself, John
McNair laying down some blues on his
beautifully handcrafted instruments!
He is using "The Rectifier" pickup
system. This is a pickup that was
designed in a collaborative effort
between us and John. This pickup is
built for Red Dog guitars exclusively. If
you want to know more about "The
Rectifier", you're just gonna have to
get  yourself a Red Dog guitar! The guy
makes some amazing videos so please
check them out by
Thanks John!
This is a collaboration between
Robert and misspopanoche from

Robert recorded the vocal and two
guitar tracks using his Yamaha  
FG720S-12  12-string and The
Prestige-330. He sent them off to
misspopanoche where Shuie
supplied the bass line and the cool
slide solo in the middle of the
song and at the end.

Thanks Rob for letting us post your
vids! To check out the rest of his
Here is our friend Robert
Hancock's rendition of "The Story
In Your Eyes" by The Moody Blues.
He created two rhythm tracks, one
with a Yamaha 12-string and one
with his Alvarez 6-string. He then  
added a lead track to add some fill
here and there and for the solo in
the middle of the song. He also
adds a touch of distortion to the
track. He recorded the vocal track,
adding a little reverb to it.

Both guitars have the Prestige 330
This is a video from our friend, and
long time customer Adam
Townsend. It was recorded on a
cell phone, but it is a great
performance. Adam uses our
PPS-100 in all of his Ukulele's.

HERE for a video clip from
Adam explaining his install

Thanks for sharing Adam!
This sound clip was submitted by
Kristoffer from Sweden. He is
using The Prestige-330 in his
Blueridge guitar. Sounds

Thanks Kristoffer
You've probably heard us talk
about how great our systems
sound paired with the Archangel
preamp. Give this a listen. It's
guaranteed to blow your socks off!
This is a cover of Andy McKee's
Hunters moon. This is an internal
preamp that is no longer built by
ArchAngel, with our 15mm
Prestige-330 system. Although this
preamp is no longer available, you
can be assured that their external
ones are even better!

This video was submitted by our
friend, and extremely talented
Italian Guitar Player Matteo
Gobatto. We are very proud to say
that Matteo has chosen our
Prestige-330 as his primary
amplification method for all of his

Check out more of his work by
clicking HERE!
Here is a clip submitted by Roberto
De Luca from Italy. He is using our
Prestige-330 pickup system in his
Herda fanned fret OM acoustic
guitar. Click
HERE for a link to the
Herda site. They are unique
professional quality hand-made
guitars made in the small
central-european country of

This sounds great! Thank you for
sharing Roberto!