Available Options
The picture below shows our optional alternate mounting method. This is
ideal for instruments that do not have a screw-in type strap button. This
utilizes an adjustable self-stick clip to secure the jack. This adheres to your
instrument using double stick material. It will not harm the finish of your
instrument. The material can be replaced in the event that you would like to
use this system on a different instrument. If you wish to order your EXT-100
with this mounting method, please select it from the drop-down menu

We have recently made some small changes to the way this additional
option is offered. It will feature the same chrome plated jack that you see
above. It will also include the same clip that is offered in our standard
EXT-100 system. This allows you to use it either way.
We are pleased to announce that we now build
this system with genuine Switchcraft #121
jacks. We are dedicated to offering a high
quality product at a reasonable price. The fact
of the matter is that we just weren't satisfied
with the quality of the jacks that we had been
using. We apologize for the minor price jump
but we assure you that it is well worth it. You
will be impressed with the quality of these
jacks. They are very high quality and will ensure
reliability for years to come.



This system utilizes a single, externally mounted piezo
configuration. No modifications to your valuable instrument are
needed to install this system!

These special surface transducers are under less pressure than
under saddle pickups thus decreasing the likelihood of them
transmitting a percussive or harsh sound. The piezo is designed
to pick up the resonation found in a significant amount of the
soundboard. These do not "fade" or distort at high volume or
with high-power systems. The highs are crystal clear while the
lows are, what they should be, low! They are very responsive.
You will not believe the tone and quality of sound that these are
capable of! All of our products feature quality components and
construction. These utilize an externally mounted ¼ mono jack
that is of equal quality to those manufactured by Switchcraft.
The jack is mounted to your instrument via a nylon clip that you
simply install between your instrument and your screw-in type
strap button. We also offer an alternate mounting method if your
instrument does not have this type of strap button. This is
available upon request. Please see pics below for more details.
Please note that the standard clip will make it difficult for you to
use a strap. This is due to the amount of clearance between the
strap button and the jack. If you plan on using a strap, you might
want to consider our alternate mounting option.

These will work great with a variety of instruments. Mandolins,
ukulele’s, bass guitars, banjo’s, violins, dobro’s, dulcimers,
stomp boxes, etc. The possibilities are endless! These are so
versatile that they can be installed in about 1 minute! You can
switch it from one instrument to another in a matter of minutes
by use of the provided reusable adhesive putty. This putty will
not harm the finish of your valuable instrument. They are a very
simple and inexpensive means of turning your acoustic
instruments in to acoustic electric. Please don’t let the price
fool you!
Steel string guitar
Steel string guitar (more range)
12 String guitar
Travel / parlor size guitar
Acoustic bass guitar
Arch top guitar
Cigar box guitar
Classical guitar
  Cello or upright bass
Several of you may be wondering,
"so how does it sound". Please click
here to check out our new
customer-submitted sound clip page
for a demo.
Click here to view the installation
instruction document