We will be glad to repair or replace any one of our products that has failed due to
manufacturer defect. There is no time limit! If you ever have an issue, please let
us know. This excludes damage that is caused by the consumer before, during
and after installation. All warranty repair and replacement issues will be handled
in an extremely timely manner. Upon receipt of the defective unit, we will repair
or replace it and ship your item back to you within 24 hours. Please contact us
with any questions and warranty/replacement issues that you may have.

Non-Warranty Pickup Repair;
Due to the nature of how these types of systems are installed, damage can be
caused to the transducers during un-installation. If you decide to uninstall one of
our systems and install it in another guitar, we can help! We are willing to offer
transducer replacement for any of our systems for only 5.00 per transducer to
help us cover shipping charges. IE; A three transducer system like the
Prestige-330 would be $15. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Repair of Other Manufacturers Products;
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new pickup repair services! We
are aware that there are other pickup manufacturers out there that are less than
willing to offer pickup repair at a reasonable price to the consumer. Most of them
only offer a few months of warranty coverage on their products. Beyond that
point, they just assume that you will buy another one from them! There are
several manufacturers of similar products out there (K&K, Schatten, etc). We are
capable of repairing many of their products at a very reasonable price. We are
typically able to replace faulty transducers for around $5.00 per piece, as well as
several other repair needs that may arise. Please contact us with your specific
needs. We unfortunately do not offer preamp repair at this time.