These are built using very high quality 20mm piezo's. We can
now offer to substitute these for 15mm piezo's upon request.
Please email us after making your payment to specify that you
would like 15mm transducers
. This configuration is designed for
guitars which do not provide enough space on the bridgeplate
to allow for the bigger sized piezo's. Both systems have a very
similar tone but the smaller system provides a little less output
than the bigger sized system. In many cases this slight
difference is negated by the higher resonance of a smaller
bridgeplate. These can be used with or without a preamp with
fantastic results. These are ideal if you desire a less defined
bass and mid-range output. They are designed for more
resonant guitars or ones with thinner soundboards.

This system utilizes a single piezo configuration for a crisp
sound. The single piezo configuration is a very straight-forward
and easy to install system. These work great in smaller scale
instruments such as mandolins and ukulele’s as well as a good
starter system for standard size acoustic guitars. These special
surface transducers are under less pressure than under saddle
pickups thus decreasing the likelihood of them transmitting a
percussive or harsh sound. The piezo is designed to pick up the
resonance found in a significant amount of the soundboard.
These do not "fade" or distort at high volume or with high-
power systems. The highs are crystal clear while the lows are,
what they should be, low! They are very responsive. This pickup
configuration is offered in several high end guitars. All of our
products feature quality components and construction. These
utilize a ¼ mono jack that is of equal quality to those
manufactured by Switchcraft. These will work great in a variety
of instruments. Mandolins, ukulele’s, bass guitars, banjo’s,
violins, dobro’s, dulcimers, stomp boxes, etc. The possibilities
are endless! These, like all of our systems, can be installed in
about 15 minutes! They are a very simple and inexpensive
means of turning your acoustic instruments in to acoustic
electric. Please don’t let the price fool you!
Any steel string guitar
Travel / parlor size guitar
Stomp Box
Cigar box guitar
Several of you may be wondering,
"so how does it sound". Please click
here to check out our new
customer-submitted sound clip page
for a demo.
Click here to view the installation
instruction document