Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add an easily
accessible volume control to your guitar? Look no further!

The Voljack solves some very common issues that many
musicians are faced with.

Many pickup systems (such as our Prestige-330) do not come
with onboard volume controls. Additionally, there are many
musicians out there that have no interest in adding controls to
their instruments either by drilling holes or otherwise installing
more hardware than is needed.

Your strap stays in place on the existing end pin jack. There are
no modifications. Simply plug the Voljack into the output jack of
your guitar and plug your guitar cord into the jack on the bottom
of the Voljack.

The Voljack is specifically designed to keep the output jack and
guitar cord positioned pointing downward towards the floor.
This can help to protect your guitar. Should you step on the
guitar cord, the downward pointing plug can disengage from the
Voljack much more easily than it normally could if the cable were
plugged into an endpin jack in the normal fashion. Additionally,
the fact that the Voljack positions the guitar cable in a
downward facing position relieves the strain that would
normally be put on your jack by the weight of the cable.

The Voljack will work with just about any modern pickup system
on the market.  

Each enclosure is individually CNC machined from a solid piece
of Delrin, which is a very lightweight material that is durable
enough to last for many years. The face plate is machined from a
solid piece of polished aluminum. Unlike other similar devices
on the market that are thrown together using an "off the shelf"
abs project box, this one will really stand out. We didn't cut
corners! You can fully expect it to be noticed by your fellow

These are available in either 250k or 500k versions. Please use
the drop-down menu on the right to select the version you
would like. Tip; our pickups generally work best with 500k pots.
Available options